HG Plus Webinar – July

July 5th 7pm | FREE Webinar – The Martian: From Fiction to Reality, NASA Scientist talks about Mars

Twenty years ago, on July 4th 1997, the Mars Pathfinder landed on Mars’ surface after an 8 month journey from earth.   What’s going on with mars exploration now? How fictional is the movie “The Martian,” and how soon is a man on mars possible? Who stands a better chance of getting there first: NASA, Russia, Elon Musk, China, or maybe even someone else?

To celebrate this 20 year anniversary, we are pleased to welcome Dr. Yutao He, Sr. Research Technologist at NASA/JPL, who’s leading a team to develop advanced computer technology that will bring the Martian movie into the reality.


Dr. Yutao He – Research Technologist at NASA/JPL

Free Webinar – July 11th Ivy League: What are you really paying for? | July 13th Design at Disney-Behind the Magic

Free Webinar 1 | Ivy League: What are you really paying for?

Thinking about going to an Ivy League school? Maybe you should think again… What do you really get for all that tuition? And what are other options? Find out at our next webinar.

Free Webinar 2 | Design at Disney-Behind the Magic

Ever wonder what it takes to create the magic of Disney? Find out as we interview one of Disney’s graphic designers.

July 18th 6pm | FREE Webinar – US Real Estate Investment Strategies

Are you interested in investing in US real estate? Not sure where to start? We are interviewing Alex Edmunds, a real estate expert, so you can ask your questions directly!

Mr. Edmunds studied Mathematical Economics at Princeton University with a certificate in Chinese. He has completed more than $80M of acquisitions in US real estate through his company and its affiliates. Alex has split time between the US and China since 2009. He is the former president of the Princeton Alumni Association of Beijing, as well as the former North China Alumni School Interview Council Manager and current Admissions Interviewer.


Alex Edmunds – Princeton University

July 20th 6pm | FREE Webinar – 50 Days Biking the Great Wall of China

Kevin Foster is the first and only cyclist to bike the Great Wall of China. The cycling industry dubbed Foster’s journey as, “the last, greatest, cycling adventure on the face of the earth.” Kevin’s ride began on May 9, 1990 and lasted 50 days, during which he traveled 1,174.8 miles.

He encountered challenges including sandstorms that at one point buried him; a crash that launched him through the Wall onto an ancient skeleton and broke three ribs; rain and hail storms, monsoons, and temperatures up to 130F.

Get a once in a life time opportunity to hear Kevin’s story and ask questions about his experience during his live interview with HG Plus.


Kevin Foster

July 27th 8pm | FREE Webinar: Design at Disney – Behind the Magic

Ever wonder what it takes to create the magic of Disney? Find out as we interview one of Disney’s graphic designers.


Eric Acasio

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