June 8th 6pm | FREE Webinar – Education: China VS USA

Education: China VS USA

What are the education differences between China and the USA? What does it take to get into a good university in the USA? How do you know which university is the best university for you or your child?

TIME: June 8 @ 6:00 PM (Pacific Time) I June 9 @ 9:00 AM (Beijing Time)

SPEAKER: Aaron Rose

Aaron Rose is the founder and president of Mavin Learning Resources, an education company based in Arcadia, California, dedicated to helping students prepare for and gain admission to American colleges and universities.

Having spent 12 years living and working in China, Aaron has an affinity for the Chinese language, culture and cuisine, and has spent many years helping his students and friends to understand and traverse the cultural and language divide between China and America. Aaron is happily married to his wife of 11 years, who is from Leshan, Sichuan. Their two children are bilingual in English and Chinese.

His passion is to provide students with tools and resources to ignite the fire for personal growth and learning, and navigate the complexities of High school and college admissions.


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