June 1st 7pm | FREE Webinar – 5 Tips for Speaking Fluently in Your 2nd Language

5 Tips for Speaking Fluently in Your 2nd Language

Angela Efros spent most of her life trying to learn Spanish and failed.  When she moved to China, Angela did not plan to learn Chinese, since she was “bad at learning languages”.

But after a year in China, something amazing happened. Angela “accidentally” learned basic Chinese. It is NOT because she is talented. It is NOT because she had the best teacher. Angela was able to learn because she unknowingly followed the 5 most important steps for learning a language. The good news is, you can follow these rules anywhere to speak more fluently starting today! At the next HG Plus webinar, find out what the 5 tips are for learning a language!

TIMEThursday, June 17:00 PM (Pacific Time) | Friday, June 2, 10:00 AM (Beijing Time)

SPEAKER: Angela Efros (Vice President of HG Plus)

Angela worked as an English teacher, traveling all over the country for seminars and workshops. Her experience includes working for New Oriental, New Channel, Crazy English, and many other organizations. To meet the demand of her thousands of students across China, Angela started her own online channel, 开心老外 or Happy Foreigners, to use funny videos to teach about English and American culture. She became a mini celebrity in Changsha, often performing on TV programs around the country including 汉语桥 (China Bridge), 花儿朵朵 (blossoming flowers), and  超级女声 (Super Girl), just to name a few. Angela now works in LA for HG Plus, to help international students find job opportunity. She believes that young talent in the right job can bridge cultures and change the world.

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